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Locked Up Abored

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I talked about National Geographic’s “Locked Up Abroad” series a while back. Let’s see what I said.

So while I was cleaning the house yesterday, the National Geographic Channel (err, sorry, NAT-GEO) ran several episodes of its “Locked Up: Abroad” series. I’ve talked about this show in the past, and it always cracks me up whenever an episode involves some dope who’s a n00b to the drug-trafficking game. For some reason, I get a big kick out of seeing these people get busted.

“But *name of drug dealer* said the airport security overseas NEVER checks luggage for drugs.”


OK. Well, today I went on another “Locked Up” bender. This is one of those shows I watch a bunch at a time; if there’s a marathon on during the weekend, I might tune in. if I have nothing better to do.

This latest crop of shows wasn’t all that entertaining. In fact, a number of them barely touched upon the actual prison experience. Most of them dealt with how the spotlighted prisoner ended up in the foreign slammer. I don’t care how someone smuggled hash into Tokyo or out of Mexico. I want to see them fend for their lives in incarceration conditions that make the ACLU’s whining about U.S. inmates not receiving Internet access laughable. This latest batch was just … lame. It took 45 minutes for the Tokyo episode to even get to the part about jail. And even then it was boring. So the person had to sit down in one spot in her cell each day. Where were the shankings? The drugs-for-sex inmate transactions? The death?

You know, all the good stuff?

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March 27, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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