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Loose Wedding Women

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So last night I went to a co-worker’s wedding. And even though I knew about this thing, I never bothered trying on my suits to see if any of them fit. The last time I wore any of them were two-plus years ago. Oh well. But I digress.

Mrs. kkk and I are simple people. We don’t dress up and go out or do any of that hoity-toity shit. And while most of the weddings we attend have receptions in fire halls, this place had some swank downtown location in the big city and complete with 20-somethings that looked like they belonged out on the street corner than in a reception hall. Needless to say, we were waaaaay out of our element.

It was actually at this event that made me thankful for finding the better half; she has never been one to dress slutty, and I’ve always been one of those “less is more” types. God help me should I ever end up back on the market again.

What was my highlight of the evening? Putting $50 in our wedding card and writing, ‘You would have gotten more but we had to pay for parking.” Yeah, I’m not much different in real life than I am here.

Oh, and the jackets were too big for me, so I just didn’t wear one. Hey, better too loose than too tight.


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April 3, 2011 at 9:18 pm

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