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Swarming Stinkbugs

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I swear to Christ, stinkbugs are nature’s version of “Idiocracy.”

What is the point behind these things? They get into the house, sit there and die a day or so later. I’m pretty much a bleeding heart when it comes to bugs in the house. While the better half flushes most of her captured prey down the nearest toilet, I catch and release back outside. After all, the spider I release today might build the web and catch the hornet that was going to otherwise sting me tomorrow.

I still haven’t figured out the higher calling of the stinkbug, though. And even with my amnesty program in place, the upstairs rooms stilll look like stinkbug mass grave site, though. Oh well. It gives the cats something to swat other than each other.

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April 12, 2011 at 10:03 pm

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