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Libertarian Loder

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As I was browsing Andrew Breitbart’s “Big Hollywood,” I noticed that Kurt Loder reviews movies on the site. For some reason, I find this really funny.

And after a Wikipedia search, I learn Loder’s a libertarian. Ha.

Loder is a libertarian. He summarizes his position as “Free Love and Free Markets”. He has called New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg “a scary guy” and called it “amazing that people don’t rise up with pitchforks.” Loder opposed President George H. W. Bush in the 1992 election and he believes that MTV News played a small role in Bush’s loss. Loder believes that his views came from his childhood experiences, saying:

“I grew up on the Jersey Shore, on a little barrier island. The Atlantic Ocean was on one side, the bay was on the other. Everyone there hunted and fished and clammed and got crabs out of the bay. And one day my brother told me someone had come down from the Bureau of Petty Harassment or something and they measured the temperature of the water and had decided it was a little too warm and a certain type of bacteria might incubate in it and there was a chance that might harm the clams. And so, from now on, no one was supposed to take clams out of the bay anymore. Which everyone ignored. And no one died. That was before the government got tenacious about this stuff. So I thought that was pretty stupid right there.”

“When governments attempt to regulate the balance between a limited supply of health care and an unlimited demand for it they’re inevitably forced to ration treatment.”

Where was this on your MTV News broadcasts?

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June 5, 2011 at 10:41 pm

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Cross-Commonwealth Rivalry

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So last night I heard the Pirates set an all-time attendance record for one game, and I thought “Wow, maybe the Pirates ARE turning it around.”

Then I read today’s fishwrap.

So, this is what the playoffs would feel like at PNC Park.

The largest crowd in stadium history came to its feet in the ninth inning Saturday night and howled at Pirates closer Joel Hanrahan.

“It was the loudest I’ve ever heard this stadium,” Hanrahan said. “There was probably 20,000 fans screaming for me to blow it.”

That might be an overestimate, but not by much. The sellout crowd of 39,441 included thousands of red-clad Philadelphia Phillies fans, many of whom arrived in chartered buses from across the state.

Hanrahan was called upon to nail down a four-run lead. But then it was sliced to three runs, and the Phillies had the bases loaded. Slugger Chase Utley came to the plate as the potential go-ahead run with two outs.

And PNC Park was a madhouse.

“I tried to take it easy, relax a little bit and not get too amped up,” Hanrahan said. “You’ve got to be able to control it and focus.”

Utley flied out to left field, triggering a round of fireworks to cap the Pirates’ 6-3 victory and bring them within a game of .500 at 28-29.

“That was the most energized crowd I’ve ever pitched in front of,” starter Charlie Morton said. “There was a lot of hostility toward us, a lot of Philly fans. There also were a lot of supportive fans. It was an unbelievable atmosphere — pretty awesome.”

I’ll say this: The Pirates are demonstrably better this year than in the last decade-plus. Good for them. Hell, they are only one game under .500.

Err, make that two games under .500. They had an afternoon contest today.

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June 5, 2011 at 7:50 pm

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All Dogs Go To Heaven, All Cats Are From Hell

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So the better half and I watched this show called, “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet yesterday.

This title is a little misleading because ALL cats are from hell.

Basically, this is like a second-tier “Dog Whisperer” show, only with cats. Here’s a link to the show’s website.

It was funny watching the owners telling the “Cat Whisperer” stuff like, “All my cat does is scratch and hiss and he doesn’t like anybody,” and my reaction each time was, “Yeah, and…?” There’s a reason why these animals are not called “dogs.”

It was also funny watching the “Cat Whisperer” diagnose certain behavior issues within each kitty, because in a number of these situations I was saying the same thing the expert was saying. Of course, there were other times when I’d go, “Oops.” For example, I don’t think the “Cat Whisperer” would approve of us keeping Dessa in the bedroom all by herself. But you know what? At this stage in the game, I’m not trying anything different. She loves it. We love it. The End.

I did actually learn a few new things — for example, some cats are “bush cats” and some are “tree cats.” What this means is that some prefer to hide on the floor and others go off toward high ground. That was interesting and I once I heard this I realized which ones in our brood were “bush” and which ones were “trees.”

Overall, I hope this show stays around. It may be a rip-off of the “Dog Whisperer” but more people own cats than dogs so it only makes sense to have a show devoted to felines. The “Cat Whisperer” (naturally) cannot employ the same techniques as Cesar Millan, so this will be an original type of show.

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June 5, 2011 at 7:37 pm

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Officials at Duquesne University do not expect any money to remain in WDUQ’s accounts when the station signs off this month.

That does not sit well with some longtime supporters of the jazz and National Public Radio station, the license for which is being bought for $6 million by Essential Public Media, a locally owned nonprofit group. Essential Public Media intends to turn WDUQ into an all-news station, except for six hours of jazz on Saturday nights, starting July 1.

“They say there is a value on that station, but that value includes me,” said Robert Cowan, 56, of McMurray, a monthly WDUQ donor. “There is too much money invested by the community in jazz at WDUQ over the years for it to be stolen from us. I want my money back.”

The university said the station raised more than $1 million last year from listeners through pledge drives.

“It has a history of running a deficit,” Duquesne spokeswoman Bridget Fare said.

Read more: Longtime WDUQ supporters won’t get money back – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

From what I hear, this is some NPR station, and whenever NPR listeners get screwed like this it makes me a happy panda.

And why should the station give money back from donors? You give money to a place and they can do whatever they want with the cash. Now an exception to this is if you are donating to a specific cause or purpose, but even then that’s not a rock-solid guarantee; Red Cross 9/11 funds, anyone?

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June 5, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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