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Wagner Knows More Than Jack

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And this is why Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner is my favorite Democrat. Way to avoid all the party-line bullshit and see the big picture.

The state’s top fiscal watchdog broke ranks Thursday with fellow Democrats to say Gov. Corbett was right to favor squirreling away the unexpected revenue flowing into Pennsylvania’s coffers rather than using it to lessen the painful cuts proposed in next year’s budget.

Auditor General Jack Wagner said he believed it was more prudent to put the money, about a half-billion dollars, into reserve because there were too many “fiscal unknowns” facing the state. They include labor negotiations with state workers’ unions – which may not be concluded before the July 1 start of the new fiscal year – and skyrocketing public-employee pension-fund payments due over the next few years.

“I think Gov. Corbett is right to say that the majority of the surplus needs to be kept in reserve for the unknowns going forward,” Wagner told reporters Thursday when asked about the budget.

In April and May, the state collected more in revenue than it had anticipated, leading legislators on both sides of the political aisle to push for tapping some of that money to ease the pain of Corbett’s budget cuts. The governor has proposed axing more than half the state’s funding of state-supported universities and by more than $1 billion for government schools.

Earlier this week, legislative budget analysts said May’s revenue collection was about $34 million, or 2 percent, over the official estimate. That helped leave state government with an almost $540 million surplus as it winds down the fiscal year at month’s end.

But Wagner said yesterday he wouldn’t call the extra money “a surplus,” because the state still faces a projected multibillion-dollar deficit next year.


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June 18, 2011 at 10:25 am

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Government Settlement Spending Promises Up In Smoke

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Funny that my commonwealth took money from last decade’s bullshit tobacco settlement and spent it on other things. I’m SHOCKED that government would do something like that.

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner has issued a report, based on comments at five public hearings held across the state, that suggests that state residents want tobacco settlement money to be used for health-related programs.

One of those programs, adultBasic, expired Feb. 28, when funding ran out. Much of the funding had come from Tobacco Settlement Act of 2001 funds, which were redirected to other state budget initiatives.

Wagner is submitting the results of the report to the General Assembly for its use during the state budget negotiation process, and a copy will also be provided to Gov. Tom Corbett, according to the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General.

The state may be able to save the recently terminated adultBasic health insurance program, for which 41,000 low-income working Pennsylvanians paid a small fee, and to fund tobacco control programs at the levels set by the tobacco act.

A March report by the auditor general said the General Assembly diverted about 30% of received tobacco funds, or about $1.34 billion, to other budget priorities.

In 1998, Pennsylvania was one of 46 states to settle a lawsuit against tobacco companies to recover the costs of tobacco-related illnesses. The settlement said the state would receive about $10 billion over a 25-year period, or $300 million to $400 million per year.

In 2001, the General Assembly passed legislation specifying that tobacco settlement money fund health-related programs for Pennsylvania citizens.

Pennsylvania is expected to receive another $5.4 billion or more over the next 15 years, Wagner reported.

However, another thought popped up after reading this.

What’s going to happen 15 years from now when the settlement money stops coming in to the states?

Guess it will time to put a greater emphasis on suing fast-food stores. I’m sure that in addition to this lost tobacco settlement money there will be less money coming in via cigarette taxes. I doubt Americans will be getting much thinner or healthier by 2026; time to sue Ronald McDonald for making us fat and driving up health care costs.

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June 18, 2011 at 10:20 am

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Not A Drop-Off In Craziness Between Stores

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So last night the better half and I stopped at Wal-Mart. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much to report back; it was a fairly normal excursion. I do have to mention that why in the hell do people twice my size wear clothes several sizes smaller than I do. It boggles the mind sometimes.

But I have a better story from last night. Before Wal-Mart, the better half and I went to the mall. Mrs. kkk had to drop off her wedding band/ring at the jeweler for re-sizing because it was getting too big for her finger. She was CRYING when she left the store because she was going to be ring-less for 7-10 days.

Women are crazy.

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June 18, 2011 at 10:14 am

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