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Fortnight Year Anniversary

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And now is time for that one day out of the year where I reflect on the 14 years of knowing the better half — 8 in sin, 6 in not as much sin. That’s 40 percent of my life, and like debt-to-GDP, this ratio will just keep on growing.

What are we doing today? Hell if I know. Probably go out and watch the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Yeah, we’re high-rollers. But you should have seen how weak-kneed and googly-eyed she got when earlier this week she asked, “What are you planning for Saturday?” and my response was, “You didn’t say anything about that when we went over this month’s budget.”

You don’t say this shit after the first fortnight of a courtship. God help me should I ever become available on the open market.


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June 25, 2011 at 10:15 am

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