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Thoughts About Amy Winehouse

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Now Amy Winehouse is dead. And she took such good care of herself.

Amy Winehouse, the beehived soul-jazz diva whose self-destructive habits overshadowed a distinctive musical talent, was found dead Saturday in her London home, police said. She was 27.

The only thing I knew about Winehouse was that there were a ton of online photos of her that could be used in any anti-drug marketing campaign. Never listened to her music, and I have no intention to do so now. I’m not going to say something like, “I’m glad she’s dead.” What I will say is that her demise shouldn’t have come of a surprise to anyone out there. Sure an Ozzy Osbourne or Keith Richards can slip through the Grim Reaper’s grasp, but many drug addicts aren’t so lucky. Winehouse was one of those people.

I hope she liked her time on this earth while she had it.

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July 23, 2011 at 8:28 pm

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