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Nobody Likes A Playa Hater

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So there was some recent family controversy caused by yours truly. Here’s the skinny.

My one niece is of high-school age and does the band thing. In a few weeks there is going to be some band competition with her school and some other schools in the region. Now Mrs. kkk and her mother attend these stupid functions all the time; I do not. As the better half was texting her niece — let’s call her “Peggy” in this instance — Peggy asks Mrs. kkk if our nephew from my brother-in-law’s family will be attending the event, and if he is not attending if he could be asked.

Now this text exchange occurred as the better half and I were driving home from work, so I was being told of these texts in real time. Of course, the first thing to come out of my mouth was, “I wonder which of Peggy’s friends she’s trying to hook up with “Jake” (the nephew)?” Mrs. kkk scoffed at this notion, but as it began to sink in I think she realized Peggy was using her as a go-between for match-making purposes. What other reason could there be? Oh, I forgot to mention that earlier this year some of Peggy’s friends looked at a picture of Jake and said he was “hot.”

Yeah, I don’t sense ANYTHING fishy with this.

Now here is where it gets funny. Mrs. kkk sent a text to Jake’s father — let’s call him “Steve” in this instance — asking if Jake is available whatever day this battle of the bands was to take place. I can’t remember what the better half added in the text, but it included a mention that she thought Peggy may be trying to set Jake up with one of her friends. For whatever reason, Steve went off his rocker over this, which is hilarious because from the stories I’ve heard Steve was quite the man-whore in his day.

Well after a day or two, Mrs. kkk sent a text back to Peggy and also made a passing comment about why Peggy wanted Jake there at this event. This of course resulted in no response of any kind back from Peggy — guess she had to call an emergency meeting with her other friends and try to plan another way to get this hunk of man meat over to hook up with one (or more!) of Peggy’s friends.

Do I take great pride in starting this chain of events? You bet I do.

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September 16, 2011 at 9:49 am

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