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No (F)BS With These Upsets

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James Madison beat Virginia Tech.

South Dakota beat the University of Minnesota.

Last week Jacksonville State University beat Ole Miss.

The lower-division teams beating the upper-division teams on their own home turf? Crazy.


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September 11, 2010 at 11:37 pm

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Giving One Certain Finger To Disgruntled NFL Fans

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For the football fans that boo the players should they display any additional signs of on-field solidarity this weekend regarding the potential upcoming league lockout, feel free to go out there, strap on the pads and take years off your own life.

Tony Richardson didn’t watch Thursday night’s game between the Saints and the Vikings. But when he later saw that players on both teams raised a single finger into the air before the game — as a sign of unity with labor uncertainty looming — he liked the gesture.

“I think it was a beautiful sign of solidarity,” Richardson said.

The union representatives on both teams reportedly arranged to do so earlier in the week. Richardson, who is the Jets’ union rep, said he hadn’t yet discussed following suit with his teammates — but imagined they would have that conversation.

The current collective bargaining agreement expires after the 2010 season, and there is a potential for a lockout. The players made a strong but respectful statement Thursday night, and the Jets and Ravens have the chance to duplicate it Monday night in front of a national audience.

“Obviously the owners are showing a sign of solidarity, because they have to stay together through this whole issue just like we do,” Richardson said. “It’s not trying to make a ‘We mean war’ type of thing. It’s more so, ‘Hey, through all of this, we stand together, and we want to support all of our players, past, present and future.’ I thought that was a good way to show that Thursday night.”

I’m not a big union guy, but I don’t blame football players for trying to get as much as they can. And if that means we go without our country’s unofficial national pastime, then so be it. Besides, in a way it would be funny to see the league screw this up. Besides, I’m sure there are other venues football fans can go to get shit-faced.

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September 11, 2010 at 11:30 pm

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Blood Bank Representative Shows Off His Porn Bank

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I’m sure glad to know that my tax dollars are going to fund this government school that shows this kinda smut to the children in my region.

No, seriously. I’m glad. This is funny as hell.

Norwin High School seniors who were expecting a presentation from a Central Blood Bank rep got a surprise Friday when they saw pornography instead.

Channel 4 Action News’ Bob Mayo reported that the Norwin School District sent parents a letter. It said “a few pornographic pictures that were on the representative’s flash drive were briefly viewed” while preparations were being made to show the students a PowerPoint presentation.

“It was hardcore male pornography that was put up on the screen when the flash drive was put in. They tell me it lasted about 30 seconds, which is a long time,” said attorney Peter J. Payne, who has been hired by parents of several students who attended the presentation.

Payne said he will be pursuing some form of civil action against Central Blood Bank.

“The parents are outraged. Every parent that I’ve talked to is very concerned. We’re still talking about the senior class, but these kids are 17, 18-years-old at the most,” said Payne.

“Civil action.” For real? Do I even need to mention that these students have probably seen more forms of Internet porn than me? But I digress.

Student Ethan Dobranski described the sexually explicit images as “frontal male nudity, and there was one with, like, two people in there, but it was, like, from the back.”

“That’s what popped up, but I don’t think he realized that was on there at the time, and he was truly embarrassed for what happened,” student Dan Jones said. “He was just shocked. He, like, put his hand on the stage and covered his head. He was so ashamed of himself for having that.”

“He just looked like a deer in the headlights,” student Zach Hutchins said. “I don’t think he realized what was on there. It was shock. He was kind of ashamed too.”

The school district’s letter called the incident “inexcusable” and said the North Huntingdon Police Department and the Westmoreland County District Attorney’s office have been contacted for an investigation.

A separate letter from the Central Blood Bank said that the person who visited Norwin has been suspended.

The blood bank’s letter identified the person only as “an employee” and said that the person had not followed procedure while setting up the presentation.

“Per organizational policy, employees are not allowed to use flash drives and are required to review their presentations in advance with their supervisor; in this situation, the employee ignored these policies,” the blood bank’s letter said.

This was such a “BIG STORY,” it made one of the lead stories for the local television news stations. There was even at least one reporter standing outside of the school.

Oh, and to deepen my roots in this story, I was also a intern in Central Blood Bank’s communications department back in 1997. In fact, I was manning a promotional booth at a local water park for this place when I first met the future Mrs. kkk.

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September 11, 2010 at 9:23 pm

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kkk’s Rule Of Life #22

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Once you get to Day 3 of not shaving the face, just put a new blade on no matter the wear and tear of the current blade; it’s really going to hurt so you might as well make it a bearable as possible.

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September 11, 2010 at 8:50 am